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Top Five Hosting Companies And Why

hostingWhen choosing a hosting provider, it’s really tough to know where to start. Which ones are the best? Who has good customer support? What about ease of use?

Well we have been developing website long enough to know which ones are the best to use and which ones are not. Now. We won’t go over the WORST providers as that would be just wasting your time. Below is what we believe are the five best hosting companies to use when developing your website.

Yes. Hostgator is an extremely popular domain host and there’s good reason for it. We like web hosts that give you an actual cPanel so you have easy control over your files, databases and even emails. In our experience they have had amazing customer support as well. They have extremely competitive and comparable pricing and even though we rank them as #1, in our opinion they are WAY ahead of the next options below.


Even though 1&1 is second on this list, they still are a long way off from Hostgator. With that said, they still are a pretty good hosting company. The have a user interface that’s pretty easy to use once you learn it and have pretty decent customer support. Like Hostgator above, they do have competitive and comparable pricing as well. We are just fans of having cPanel access that that’s one of the reason they are not at the top.


Just like 1&1 above, we have to say that Inmotion Hosting is a comparable hosting provider that provides all the same features of 1&1 and Hostgator. With exception of cPanel access. They are known to have very good customer support, excellent pricing and is a staple in the realm of popular hosting providers. They also have a user interface that we feel is easy to navigate. Although it isn’t cPanel. In our opinion they are virtually tied with 1&1 for the second spot.


If you need a cost friendly VPS or Web Server for your business then we think you should really have a look at Interserver Web Hosting. They have some of the most competitive pricing when it comes to VPS, Web Servers and their Hosting is priced nice also. They have 1-click installs for many different kinds of apps to make it easier for you. If you’d rather work with a smaller company then Interserver is the way to go.


One of the main reasons Netfirms is not higher on this list is because we have just gotten acquainted with them. This company offers many features as far as 1-click app installs, Linux features and yes, they even offer cPanel access. Just like the rest, they also have extremely competitive pricing. If we had been using them for years then we most likely would put them just below Hostgator. But because they are somewhat new to us we have them in the last spot. Perhaps they will slowly move up in the future.