Brand Your Business (How To)!

BrandWhen starting any business be it a mobile app development company or other another type of business. It’s very important to not only BE professional. It’s important to LOOK professional as well. Here at AppstronautMe we have three basic steps to help you BRAND your business. With much experience in business design and branding, we have helped businesses develop professional websites while giving advice for domain branding, to letting them know which hosting companies are the best when it comes to hosting their business. If you’re the type of individual that wants to be branded, but is unsure on where to start, then follow our three simple steps below to begin.

Step 1:

The Brand-able Domain Name

It’s important to have a brand-able domain name for your business. We have especially made this easy for you. We have our very own Domain Lookup Tool that not only can check to see if your desired name is available. But we let you know which are the 4 best registrars to use when buying that domain. Click on the button below to get a branded domain name for your business now.

Step 2:

Choose A Hosting Provider

If you’ve never owned a website, you might not know that you need two things to get your website up and running. One is your domain name while the other is hosting. Hosting is where your website files will be stored and is one of the most important things needed (besides a domain name) to get your website up and running. We have used MANY hosting companies in the past. Yet we have found a few that we actually really enjoy working with. Here are the five best hosting companies for your business.


Step 3:

The Development Of Your Website

When developing your website. It’s very important to have a modern design that will catch your visitor’s attention. You want your website to be mobile responsive, have cutting edge technology and be user friendly as well. We have developed websites for businesses now earning $30,000+ from their websites and know what converts. If you’re having a hard time knowing where to start when it comes to YOUR business website. Then use the form below and let us know what you need and remember, we can work with any budget! If you currently have a website but need it upgraded, a design change or you need more website design in general, you can use the form as well to get started.


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