FindLaw Reviews: Five Reasons Why To Leave (Or Not Sign Up)

by Neil Appstrong, August 2, 2014


FindLaw Reviews From A Business Perspective

FindLaw Reviews
If you are a Private Attorney or a Law Firm and need a web design company for your business then you should read on up these FindLaw Reviews. When trying to learn more about FindLaw’s services you decide (or maybe you had already decided), that they would work for you to make your life simpler. I mean, what’s not to love about FindLaw? You get a website that’s SEO optimized, templates to build the site from and a few other features.

But There Is A Problem


The problem with FindLaw is that not everything is what it seems. For the individual that does not quite know where to start regarding their Law Firm/Attorney website development, it’s even more painful as they get taken advantage of. If you’re currently with FindLaw or are thinking about going that direction regarding web development, here are the TOP 5 reasons why you need to break your contract and leave them, or just not sign up with them at all.


5. Poor Web Design/Graphics & Templates

When paying the price that FindLaw wants you to pay(a monthly price at that), you’d expect a little more when it came to the design. You would think they would provide modern templates that have nice graphics that look great on mobile devices. This couldn’t be more untrue. FindLaw’s website templates and graphics are all mediocre at best.

Their websites look and feel so old, that we actually feel like we’re watching Ferris Bueller surf the web (yes we know they didn’t have internet back then). These days it helps to have a modern looking website that looks great on PC and on mobile devices. A modern, high tech website, will not only make your Law Firm appear more professional, but it will make it appear more successful as well. FindLaw’s website templates just don’t cut it.

4. Brutal Contracts

When first dealing with our first FindLaw client, we didn’t realize what they actually charged for a website. As a web development company we charge a one time fee and then if you need the website hosted on our server (which is very good by the way), we will charge no more then $30/mo. No snuff, no fluff, no contracts!

FindLaw ReviewsRegarding FindLaw, their contracts are some of the worst in the industry. They are misleading, confusing and LONG. You would think that you would own your website after the contract was up but think again. You actually don’t (we will dive into this on shortly).

So what are you actually paying for monthly? The website? SEO? Content generation? In our opinion, providing website design should not be a monthly service. SEO and Content Generation yes, but FindLaw seems to fail miserably on the SEO and we will explain why. But you shouldn’t have to pay monthly to NOT own your website.

3. The Same SEO Profile

Another reason Law Firms/Private Attorneys use FindLaw is because FindLaw claims to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tasks. Yes, is a VERY authoritative website and does help your SEO. But at the same time, that means that ALL of your competition has the same SEO profile as you do. It works against itself and you’re not really gaining an edge over your competition.

An excellent example of this is our client Jessica Travis, P.A. Once we moved her from FindLaw we saw a dramatic increase in her rankings. We advised her to at least stay listed in the FindLaw directory. After two months of a new website from us, she is ranking #1 and #2 for many of her main search keywords on Google, Bing and other search engines when before she was either ranked #10 or lower.

2. High Monthly Fees (Yes REALLY High)

If you’re not familiar with FindLaw’s fees then let us fill you in. They are EXPENSIVE. Before we had no clue what they were charging for a website so we decided to do our homework. Again we will visit our client Jessica Travis, P.A.

FindLaw ReviewsWhen we first starting talking with Jessica we looked at her current FindLaw website, asked the normal questions and then she spilled the beans. She was paying just over $600 a MONTH! We absolutely couldn’t believe it. We get that sometimes it’s tough to understand where to start regarding a website and SEO. But $600 a month?

We did a little more research and found that some firms pay of up to $4,000 a month depending on how much content they have on their FindLaw website. We still couldn’t believe that people will pay that much. It’s a real FindLaw ripoff. Web design should always be about the one time fee(with exception of hosting a website which should be reasonably priced). We will always have just ONE time fee to design and build a website. Nothing more!

1. You Don’t Even Own The Website

And for the final reason…How would you feel if you payed $600 a month for a website? At the end of your two or three year contract, you were told that you didn’t actually own it? Well this happens numerous times. Just on a two year contact that’s $14,400 for a website you’ll never own. That’s on the low end.

Imagine if you were paying $1000, $2,5000 or even $4,000 a MONTH! Yes, you own the content but not the site itself. To us this has to be the main deal breaker. At this cost it’s most definitely worth it to break any contract. Pay a one time fee to get a more productive website setup that you OWN and you would still save thousands of dollars. If you don’t believe us on this then feel free to contact FindLaw and ask them yourself.

If you’re looking for website design it doesn’t have to be hard. You can get an affordable website, with not contract and no big monthly fees. It’s also rather easy to get started. Appstronaut Me specializes in Law Firm/Attorney websites and moving Law Firms/Attorneys from FindLaw. Feel free to get a quote!

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